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In this episode, Jimmy talks about the 5 mistakes made by unsuccessful realtors. Tune in and learn more. 

Be proactive

  • First mistake: The failure to set up a systematic approach to stay in contact with  past clients.
  • The people you’ve done business with already know you and in most cases, already like you. You have already built a relationship with your past clients and a transaction means they trust you. Unfortunately, most agents forget their clients after the sale and move on to the next transaction. 
  • Second mistake: Agents don’t go on listing tours. 
  • Third mistake: Agents don’t make a lasting impression. 
  • Agents don’t have to do something big for their clients and prospects, but they do need to make their presence known and leave their mark. Stopping by the place a week after closing and saying hello is a good start. Show them appreciation, even in little ways. 
  • Fourth mistake: Agents who sit on their heels playing defense instead of being on their toes playing offense. 
  • Agents sometimes don’t set aside time in their day to prospect regularly. They’re basically just putting out fires. The best agents block time in their day and make sure they’re having conversations that will grow their business. Conversations that are relevant to real estate, done on a daily basis, compound over time. 
  • Fifth mistake: Agents don’t surround themselves with people who are growing. Find a mentor or talk to top producing agents, go to lunch with them, and ask about the business. Learn the ropes from the successful agents. 
  • Don’t settle for just being reactionary. Be proactive in the business. 

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