Even while you’re selling, it’s important for you to build your business as well, and the #1 realtor tool that top agents use is their database. Your database gives you a chance to compound what you’re doing, generate repeat customers, and grow your business. But it does even more than that:

Build an asset

  • Your database has value and it compounds year after year. When you’re tired of selling,  you’re ready to do something different, or you’re seeking to retire, it will be valuable to someone else. 
  • Using a 3-year plan, agents have several options to hand off a database.
  • Some will sell the database with an introduction, and will continue to remain on-call for a few months.
  • Some agents will phase others into the business as junior partners over the course of 3 or 4 years.
  • Your database must be in proper order in order to do this.

Keeping your database in order

  • Continue to add people to your database on a weekly basis, and give value.
  • Build drip campaigns that provide value to your database such as property information and neighborhood details. Automate the process so you’ll stay on top of it.
  • Set to-do’s to get business right now. Use the phone to check in with your customers. Follow up to see whether they still love the property they bought 6 months after the purchase. You’ll provide value to them, and you’ll offer them an opportunity to refer friends and family who might be interested.
  • Keep good information. The Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices team uses Boomtown CRM. Whatever tool you’re using, document every conversation and save information about the family size, their dreams, and anything else that is going on in their lives. Anyone who accesses your database should have a good idea of who this customer is.
  • The more information you have in your database, the more valuable your database will be.
  • Consistently add value to the database. Routinely send information to your database. Share details about the area. If you get more personal, you’ll get more personal information. Maybe “3 New Restaurants” in the area. 

“#1 Realtor Tool That Top Agents Use” episode resources

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