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The salespeople’s ability to generate leads is the lifeblood of a business. In today’s episode, Jimmy shares 11 ways to generate buyers in 2021 and improve your business’ revenue. 

  1. Community Facebook groups – This is a group or a page filled with people who talk about things that are going on in your area. It’s a great space for you to get resources not only about real estate but the questions that people usually ask. Be a resource person and answer their questions on the places to eat, places you can have your birthday parties, and others. In the event that you don’t find a page in your certain area, then create the page yourself. 
  1. Opcity – this is a company that refers buyers to you but they do a lot of the heavy lifting beforehand. Instead of buying leads, you will have people that have already been approved and they’re ready to be shown property.  They are generating and nurturing the leads, and when the leads are ready, Opcity then refers the leads to you. 
  1. Open houses – It’s a great place to meet new sellers and potential buyers. It’s also a great avenue to refer to some other properties they might like instead.
  1. Post on buy-sell-trade groups – Post your listings on buy-sell-trade groups to have opportunities to meet new people. You can put up links, photos, and other details. 
  1. – The site allows you to get qualified leads. The thing with leads is that the quality of the lead is directly proportional to the quality of follow-up
  1. Home video walk-throughs – Use your iPhone, iPad, or other camera to record a simple walk-through of the house. Tell them just enough details that would prompt them to reach out to you and ask about the property. 
  1. Zurple – It is a paid lead source that gives you the ability to capture leads and have some follow up campaigns that are in place. It’s somewhere between getting some leads and full out CRM. 
  1. Facebook ads and Google AdWords – If you don’t have any idea how to do this, you can go to YouTube and look through some videos. It’s a great way to generate tons of leads, get you some reps, and find some people that you can do business with. 
  1. BoomTown – For Jimmy, it is the best lead generation, lead follow up, and lead conversion tool in the market. It gives you the ability to generate leads, follow up a system, gives you a CRM to fully generate every lead that gets in. 
  1. First time homebuyer events – This is where you go out to meet renters and meet people who may consider buying. Host events like this and bring people together. 
  1. Circle prospecting to out of town owners – This is a great place to meet people who are thinking of buying another property. It also leads with the opportunity to potentially find some seller leads. 

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