Lead generation is an important part of the sales process, and in this episode, Zach Sikes shares 3 pillars of lead generation for explosive real estate growth. Within four years, Zach was able to build his own team and company from nothing. It came from the realization they needed to change and adjust the system that helped them expand and succeed in such a short time. 

Lead Generation 

  • Zach’s expertise wasn’t in hiring and managing so his wife handled those needs of the business. 
  • If people aren’t in the position where they’ll thrive, it affects the entire company. 
  • Zach knows that before he brings people through the front door, he needs to make sure they can close the back door. 
  • Have multiple conversations and keep in touch. Identify with the property and even when you’re busy, make sure that you’re still accomplishing your tasks. Use a system that is efficient and makes sense. 
  • Build simple mechanics into your training with the purpose of teaching others how to manage themselves so you don’t have to micromanage the team. 
  • At the beginning of an interaction, it’s not about lead generation. You’re starting the conversation and firing up their interest. 
  • Successful businesses often have the following pillars in their business. 

The business pillars

  • The first business pillar is having a sphere of influence made up of phenomenal past clients to keep your business going through referral. 
  • While it’s good to do business with past clients, it’s also important to make sure that the number isn’t overly high. If the number is too high, it means your business isn’t capable of bringing in new people. 
  • The second business pillar is digital marketing. If you aren’t taking advantage of high level digital in your business you’re ten years behind in effective business practices.
  • The third business pillar is to embrace the differences. Some companies fail because they do the things they don’t enjoy and copy others even if they aren’t interested in what they’re pursuing. 

3 Pillars of Lead Generation for Explosive Real Estate Growth” episode resources

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