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Do you use scripts for your prospects and clients? In this episode, Jimmy Burgess shares the 5 effective scripts for real estate agents. Listen and learn! 

  1. Buyers who missed out on multiple opportunities for properties they want. 

What you’re going to do: Get the list of all the phone numbers of the people who live on the street. There are several ways to get those phone numbers and once you have them, you’re going to call the number, introduce yourself, and state your reasons for calling. Inform them that you have a buyer who missed out on an opportunity in their neighborhood. Ask them if they know somebody who’s thinking about selling their property in the neighborhood. This is a great way to let the people in the neighborhood know that the value of their houses just increased. 

  1. The 3-24 month old expired listings. 

What you’re going to do: Now is a great time to check in with the people who listed their homes 3-24 months ago since all the other agents have most probably stopped calling them already. Just give them a call, introduce yourself, and ask about the property that they listed before. Ask them about their plans for their house. It’s a great way for you to find people who have already raised their hands and are already ready to sell. 

  1. Just-listed neighborhoods.

What you’re going to do: It’s a good way for you to uncover opportunities and get both sides of the sale. Do some circle prospecting in the neighborhood. Call them, introduce yourself, and tell them that you’re ready to list a home in the neighborhood. Ask them if they know someone who wants to move to the neighborhood and tell them that it’s a chance for them to pick the neighbors they want. 

  1. A follow-up script

What you’re going to do: Call the same people that you called when you mentioned that you’re listing a property on the market. Tell them that the property is now undergoing the contract and signing and ask them if there are still houses in the neighborhood that are already up for listing or if there are homeowners who are looking to list their properties. Doing this helps build your reputation and it helps you find the listings that others haven’t found yet. 

  1. Re-engagement

What you’re going to do: Send a message to a couple of people. Introduce yourself and talk about how you’ve been sending them property updates for a while now. Let them know that you’re dropping by. Ask them if the frequency of the mail they get is okay or if they want to reduce it. This is a great way to let them know that you’re still on the market and that you’re still the go-to person for that neighborhood. 

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