1. Post an “in search of” request. Take a buyer you are working with, or ask another agent in your office if they have a buyer that wants a particular type of house they have not been able to find. Post the following on all social media outlets (especially buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook): “ISO (whatever characteristics of the home the buyer is looking for) a great couple looking to move into our community. Please help if possible by private messaging me if you or someone you know has considered selling their home (we have already discussed or seen all homes currently available through the MLS).” 

2. Text the following to any people you have on email property updates whether in Boomtown or on MLS

 Happy New Year {VisitorFirstName} from 30A! This is {AgentFirstName} {AgentLastName} with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. I know you’ve been receiving my emails with beach properties. I wanted to make sure I am not overwhelming you with emails. I also want to make sure I haven’t dropped the ball and that I am providing you with information you want. Should I make any adjustments to the frequency of emails or the location/price of the properties I’m sending?

3. Shoot a video walkthrough of a new listing that you know will sell fast (whether it be your listing or not). Share the video on social media with a call to action for viewers to email, text, or call you for a full description or to see the house in person. 

4. Post a property for sale on your Facebook page. If you don’t have any listings, ask other agents if you can promote their listing on your Facebook page. 

5. Call owners within a neighborhood to inform them of a house in the neighborhood that has just sold. Ask them if they have considered or know of someone else in the neighborhood that is considering selling since the neighborhood now has the increased attention of buyers. Be personable and informative, not salesy. 

6. Host an open house. Still one of the most effective ways to find both buyers and sellers. 

7. Post a property for sale on Facebook in a local buy, sell, trade group. Go to the search bar on Facebook and search (Your City) buy, sell, trade group. Ask to join the group and start posting. 

8. Call expired listings. Don’t miss the low fruit. 

9. Post a property on Instagram with comment that additional photos and details are available upon request. 

10. Notice abandoned houses as you drive around. If the grass is grown up or the house appears to be abandoned, research who the owner is and call to list the home for sale. 

11. Search the Zillow “Make Me Move” listings in your area. This is a great way to identify sellers, or future sellers, that will not show up on standard for sale by owner searches. 

12. Post a property on Craigslist stating that additional photos and details are available upon request. 

13. Look for ads that are for rent by owner. Call the owner. Usually these owners fall into one of two camps. Either they are tired of managing the rental and would consider selling it or they are looking to buy additional rentals. 

14. Post a property on Twitter stating that additional photos and details are available upon request. 

15. Research Notice of lis penden (pending litigation) on your Clerk of Court website. This is often the precursor to foreclosure. A great opportunity for potential listings. 

16. Write articles about real estate for local magazines and newspapers, or write guest posts for local blogs. 

17. Post a short video on Snapchat of a home for sale with additional photos and details available upon request. 

18. Research the probate filings on your Clerk of Court website. These are the filings to settle estates from people that have died. They will usually list the executor and the potential inheritors. Many of these properties will be sold to settle the estate. Great opportunity for new listings. 

19. Post photos of a property and description on Instagram. 

20. Start a blog, whether it is a video blog or written blog. 

21. Research the out-of-town owners for a neighborhood. Call them to give them a market update and ask if they have considered selling the home. 

22. Prepare a 15-20 minute speech on the history of real estate values in your community. Approach local civic organizations about speaking to the organization. These organizations are looking for informative and entertaining guest speakers every week. This is a great opportunity for you become the expert for a group of people in a short period of time. 

23. Post photos and information about a property on Pinterest. 

24. Make sure your free profile for Trulia, Realtor.com, Zillow, Yelp, and any other sites people search is accurate and appealing. When possible, ask past clients to give you a review. The number of positive reviews is how some buyers and sellers decide on a real estate agent if they do not know anyone. 

25. Run an ad on Facebook targeting renters (they can be targeted in the ads manager development). 

26. Walk a neighborhood with just-listed flyers. Door knocking may sound out of date, but it does work. 

27. Post a just-sold photo on your Facebook page that says, “This house sold in two weeks! If you or someone you know is thinking about selling, I would love to share with you how you can sell your home quickly and for top dollar in the current market environment.” The house could have sold last week or years ago. The house could have been your listing or someone else in your office’s listing. I would ask permission if it is not one you sold, but most agents will give you their blessing. 

28. Walk a neighborhood with just-sold flyers asking if they know of anyone else in the neighborhood considering selling. 

29. Run a “Wonder How Much Your Home is Worth” ad on Facebook. 

30. Write a book. My book became an Amazon #1 bestseller and gives me credibility in my marketplace I would not have been able to achieve without it. 

31. Start a real estate market podcast. Podcasts can be started with very little money and a little bit of training. This will set you up as the market expert. If you aren’t sure how to start one, Google it or do a search on YouTube on how to start a podcast. 

32.  Start a weekly “Ask the Realtor© Video Blog.” Encourage your email list or social media contacts to submit questions. Shoot a short video with your iPhone of you stating the question and then answering it. Upload it to YouTube and then share it with your email list and on social media.

33. Call sellers that have their homes listed on forsalebyowner.com. 

34. Direct mail campaign to a neighborhood. Put together a letter that shows the sales from the past three months, houses currently pending, and homes for sale in your targeted neighborhood. End it with a call to action for a personalized valuation analysis of their home. This is the first step to a continuing farming program as well. 

35. Send a handwritten congratulations card followed up with a phone call to anyone you find out is expecting a baby. Many times a move will be in order before the baby arrives. 

36. Post Facebook ads that have a photo of a home that simply say: “Values are going up in (whatever city)! Click here to find out the value of your home.” Have the click button direct them to a squeeze page where they put in their name, address, phone number, email address, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and square footage. Not sure how to develop a squeeze page? Click here to learn how to develop a squeeze page. 

37. Become a local TV or radio reporter’s go-to source for real estate information. Give them statistics, story ideas, and potential story “hooks” or headlines. For instance, “The 3 Worst Mistakes Homebuyers Make in Your City” (negative always gets media attention more than positive). Television and radio interviews add credibility to your business and generate leads. 

38. Ask a past client for a testimonial. It may even be helpful for you to write the testimonial for them and ask them if you can use it or if they would be willing to modify it as they see fit. Post these testimonials everywhere possible. Post them on your website, social media, and in direct mail pieces. 

39. Call to congratulate anyone that you find out received a promotion. A move up involving a sale and purchase might be soon to follow. 

40. Host a home buyer seminar at an apartment complex. 

41. Join a leads sharing group with your Chamber of Commerce. 

42. Write a monthly real estate report for the local newspaper, Chamber of Commerce, or blog for your city. 

43. Write an article for a real estate news website or guest post for a real estate blog. This will give you market credibility and set you up as the expert in potential client’s minds. 

44. Call 10 past customers today and ask them for referrals. 

45. Take a top producer to lunch and ask her what would be the first three activities she would do to generate leads. Then do them. 

46. Create a free report like “Top 7 Secrets to Selling a House for Top Dollar in the Shortest Period of Time” and advertise it on Facebook to attract home sellers. Have the link from the ad go to an opt-in box where you can capture the seller’s name and email address and it will be delivered to the email address they enter automatically. 

47. Create a free report like “7 Simple Steps to Buying Your First Home (most people don’t realize how easy it is to own)” and advertise it on Facebook to renters. Have the link from the ad go to an opt-in box where it will be delivered to the email address they enter. 

48. Find a HUD foreclosed property and advertise it on Craigslist or Facebook as a new foreclosed property for sale that you can show. Make sure the ability to advertise HUD homes or Fannie Mae foreclosures has not changed. As of the writing of this list, any agent can advertise these homes whether they are the listing agent or not. 

49. Develop a relationship with a lender that will be mutually beneficial. Send him borrowers and he will send you buyers. Host home buyer seminars together. Share the cost for ads. This relationship can become one of your mutually beneficial business relationships. 

50. Take massive action! No matter how you choose to generate leads or market your business, do a lot of it and you will get big results.


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