Sometimes a few quick tips will help you generate creative ideas to help you grow your business, and today’s episode includes 7 rapid fire realtor tips. Jimmy Burgess is the host of the ‘The Real Estate Sales’ podcast and the Chief Growth Officer of the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Beach Properties of Florida. 

Tips to grow your business

  1. Systemize your business by generating, nurturing, and converting leads. 
  2. In order to have a steady stream of listings, become a neighborhood expert; become the go-to person in the community. 
  3. Get involved in a mastermind group that includes people who are in growth modes. Consider getting involved with agents in markets outside of your own.
  4. Schedule your social media posts in advance in order to have regular content going out to your audience. It will help you add value consistently.
  5. Get a mentor/coach who is further along in the business. Learn from his/her experience and use it to improve yourself. The new perspective will help you grow. Take it to the next level by engaging with a coach.
  6. Have a “next 10” of your target people. Focus on the people who will likely be your next 10 listings, and figure out how you can add value. 
  7. Make sure that you’re with the right brokerage company to help you and your company grow. Be around other people who are collaborating and growing. When you get among people with the right mindset, you can’t help but grow your own business. 

“7 Rapid Fire Realtor Tips” episode resources

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