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Let’s talk about the 7 strategies for new realtors to generate business. Check out this episode and learn more ways to grow your business! 

  1. Nurturing feeder market agents for referrals. Go out and start building a network in your area. Put out handwritten cards and send them out to agents to get the ball rolling. 
  2. Check out three to 12-month old expired listings. There’s an opportunity that most agents miss when they only go for expired listings. People often stop calling on expired listings after two months. They didn’t know that the owners didn’t heed their call because they just didn’t find their agent yet but that doesn’t mean that they no longer want to sell. 
  3. Use Opcity which is now called realtor.com. It’s a great way to get some lead generation happening for your business. You will spend but the leads that are passed to you are already high-frequency leads. They’re ready to buy and make the decision. 
  4. Add value in local Facebook groups. There are people coming to your area that are coming to Facebook groups. Be active in these groups. 
  5. Insert posts on local buy, sell, trade groups and Facebook groups. Post listings in these groups and other buy and sell groups available to your area. 
  6. Circle prospecting with specific buyer needs. You can also go to a top producer and find somebody with troubles finding something for and begging to make the call. 
  7. Host open houses. There’s no other better way to get around people face to face than open houses. Look for someone in your brokerage who has houses for sale and ask them if you can help them host an open house

“7 Strategies for New Realtors to Generate Business” episode resources


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