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In order to grow your business effectively, you must build your real estate database. In this episode, Jimmy Burgess talks about how you can create, grow, and expand your real estate database. 

  • Growing your business comes down to what you can do to leverage your time and how you can add value to as many people as possible in a short amount of time.
  • All these things come down to having an effective database management program that gives you the ability to communicate consistently and add value to people. 

Building your database

  • The first step is to make sure that you have everybody in your database. 
  • The first group of people is those within your sphere of influence – the people you do business with, people you are in contact with, and more. Include the people with whom you spend money, and who you hope will eventually spend money on you, too — like your dentist, your doctor, etc. 
  • The second group of people you want in your database is every single person who owns a property. Look for these people in your neighborhood: the parents of the kids that your kids go to school with, and others. You can’t take anyone for granted. 
  • The third group of people is people you meet and have met at networking events. Ask all the people you meet at events if you can keep in contact with them and add them to your database. 
  • The fourth group of people you need in your database is everyone in your local neighborhood. Your neighbors should know that you are the agent of choice for your community. Every single owner in your area should be in your database. 
  • The fifth is all your past clients. They are the most significant people you need in your database. Make sure that you stay top of mind for them. Always add value to them whenever you can. 
  • The sixth is your online lead generation. These are the people from your online lead generation program. Make sure that they’re getting some content from you. 
  • The last one comes from all the prospecting you’re doing. These may be people you found from open houses, circle prospecting, and others. 
  • Your goal is to keep adding value to all these people and ensure that you remain a top agent of choice for them. Send them emails, content, and other information that will be helpful to them. 
  • Look for the other top agents and top producers in your industry, sign up and opt-in to their database, watch how they flow, and draw inspiration from them. 

“How to Build Your Real Estate Database” episode resources

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