In this episode, Brad Patt joins Jimmy Burgess to talk about the top five common characteristics of top-producing real estate agents. 

  • Brad Patt has been in the business for 21 years. He is now a regional manager and the Senior VP of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.
  • They primarily serve the Philadelphia market and the suburbs surrounding northern Delaware and parts of New Jersey. 
  • His grandfather started a company in 1953. Along with his father and uncles, they grew the company based on integrity and professionalism. 
  • His father was an amazing mentor. He taught Brad early to use the golden rule when interacting with other people, and Brad uses that golden rule now to determine how he treats the clients and the agents.  

Traits of a Top-Producing Real Estate Agent

  1. Have a good goal and develop a clear business plan
  • Top leaders know and understand precisely where they’re headed year in, year out. 
  • They already plan their next year before it rolls in. They’ve already established their financial goals and transactional goals for the next year by October or November of the previous year. 
  •  Most importantly, they monitor their plan throughout the year. They may do weekly or monthly meetings where they review their business pipeline, their closed activity, and they step up where they need to. 
  • They fine-tune their plan throughout the year so that they can accomplish their goals by the year’s end. 
  1. Prospect consistently
  • One of the most positive traits of top producers is how they set aside time daily for prospecting. 
  • It’s crucial for sales agents to develop that ability to step out of the urgent and do the vital thing, which is prospecting. Nothing should get in the way of their daily prospecting. 
  • Reach out with genuine intentions and position yourself as a market expert. 
  1. Put a system in place
  • A system means understanding what their listing presentation is all about. 
  • It’s about knowing if they want to send out a pre-listing package in advance of the listing opportunity. 
  • Build a system for marketing efforts, your listing presentation, and your buyer presentation. 
  1. Be a student of the industry
  • Agents need to position themselves as market experts and know what’s going on in their local marketplace. 
  • Communicate with your sphere of influence – your client base, your family, and your friends. 
  • Know the basic statistics in the market – the supply of inventory, the time it takes for the market to consume all of the inventory at the current pace of sales, the days on the market, the current inventory year over year, etc.
  1. Give back to the community
  • Give back to the community and be a champion of your local community. 
  • Don’t do something for the community because you want to cultivate business. Give back to the community without any ulterior motive but to help. 
  • Giving back to the community will bring rewards and opportunities: you’ll get referrals and you’ll meet influential business leaders. 
  • Who you surround yourself with will either elevate you or bring you down. Be charitable and be open-minded to attract like-minded people. Be driven to attract driven-minded individuals as well. 

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  1. I found it interesting when you talked about real estate agents and their best attributes. Recently, my wife and I decided we’d like to sell our house and buy another one. We want to invest in a bigger and better house, so we’ll definitely need an agent’s help, and your article will help us find one! Thanks for the advice on how an agent must have communication skills.

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