This episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast features Jimmy’s explanation of how he listed $11 million worth of listings within nine months. How’d he do it? By sending unsolicited video CMAs. This unique expired listing strategy generates sales and is an easy but effective tactic that increases your value down the line.

Why is this method so effective?

  • What’s the main market trend of 2021? There’s a lack of inventory (AKA houses.)
  • Because of this volatility, prices are accelerating so quickly, nobody has any clue how much their property costs.
  • Ipso facto, sending unsolicited evaluations is the information nugget nobody in your contacts knew they needed. (But they really did.)

Jimmy’ s unsolicited video CMA strategy:

  • Target people thinking about selling their home within the next couple years, people you’ve sold to in the past, or really anybody you know who’s a homeowner. 
  • Using a screen recording platform, record a 5-10 minute walkthrough showing how you arrived at your evaluation. 
  • Make sure to include a hard number evaluation estimate, but with the disclaimer that you can be much more accurate with a full house tour later on.

What’s on Jimmy’s browser?

Have a few things pulled up into your internet browser

  • Google earth with the address (it makes you look fancy)
  • If you time it right, Google will zoom into their listing right when you start, which is pretty cool
  • Tab open from the local MLS that has a list of sole comparable properties.
  • CMA – take that data and break it town into the best ¾ sales that suggest what their house might be worth.
  • Estimated seller net sheet – document that includes total costs and sale 
    • Include a hard number of what their total takeaway could be!

Recording it

  • Jimmy uses bombbomb
    • It starts a gif of the video directly in the email. (cost) it also lets you know the target person opened it

Alt- record a party of 1 from zoom and upload to youtube (free)

This strategy has a tail that other strategies don’t offer. This offers these people a simple yet impactful method to know their value, and keeps you at the top of mind.

Just do one a day, it’ll be amazing how much business you do on the listing size.

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