When you work in real estate, there’s one thing that drives business more than almost anything else: referrals. But how do you get them? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy supplies six strategies to generate referrals and grow your real estate business.

Send handwritten notes

  • When Heidi Harris started her real estate journey, she had no contacts or referrals. 
  • She found the top agents in her primary feeder market for her area and sent them handwritten notes to generate leads and referrals. 
  • These notes said that she’d love to offer a referral fee and will treat any business they send her like family. To this day, she’s still reaping the benefits.

Stop by the offices of your feeder markets:

  • Go into your feeder market and host an event. Even if it’s just a short time to introduce yourself to agents in the area, giving your business card and offering a referral fee will keep you top of mind while also building a great foundational relationship with those agents. 
  • If you don’t want to hold a formal event, just stop by the office of your feeder market. Drop off donuts with your business card, and offer a referral fee for anyone who refers you. 

Message those you’ve supported

  • Molly Slagle used Facebook Messenger to contact anyone she’s supported, be it for an event, charity, or anything. 
  • She urged those people to refer their friends and family to her if they were looking to buy or sell a home.

Build an email database for agents

  • Just like any email database, consistency will build opportunity.
  • Like your client database, focus on adding value to the agents by linking to videos and blog posts that give tips for growing their business.
  • If possible, send a video of yourself to create a more personal connection.
  • End every email with a call to action, asking them to refer if someone is looking for that area with a referral fee. 

Maximize recommendations:

  • Make sure you ask every person you work with for a recommendation or review. Jimmy uses the platform Testimonial Tree to automatically generate and distribute customer satisfaction surveys, and they are tremendously helpful in legitimizing your business. 

Reward past referrals:

  • Most importantly, stay in touch with people who’ve already referred you! You already have a positive relationship if they referred you, so cultivating that relationship ensures they continue to send you leads when the opportunity arises.  
  • Thank them for each reference they give, be it with a gift card or even just a hand-written note to show your appreciation. 

The bottom line? Your business grows through referrals. Using these strategies maximizes results and promotes the growth you’re looking for.

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