Sometimes all you need to revamp your real estate strategy is to discover the tactics of others. On today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by Jennifer Murtland, real estate agent at eXp Realty and co-host of the Real Estate Fight Club Podcast, to learn the secret to listing success.

Be successful when knocking on doors.

  • Jennifer’s favorite part of sales has always been cold calling and knocking on people’s doors. But how does she do it successfully?
  • Well, Jennifer looks like a suburban mom. Ipso facto, she can knock on doors just about anywhere and nobody bats an eye. 
  • When you approach a home, simply say you’re a realtor, explain why you’re there and ask what you need.
  • More people will answer the door for a female than a man. Jennifer’s tips for a male: Wear khakis and a polo, and carry a gift bag to store your flyers.

What to do when the conversation starts:

  • The ultimate success is gaining their contact information. So if someone is interested in the conversation, just simply ask for the best way to contact them. 
  • Don’t be passive. Instead, ask for what you want, and people will usually give it to you. 
  • If Jennifer realizes someone has a  motivation to talk with her, she’ll set the next step. Don’t push for information from someone who doesn’t want to talk or hear from you.

Jennifer’s Mainstays for Lead Generation:

  • There are many shiny objects in real estate, and there are many ways to be successful.
  • Jennifer’s tip is to find two ways that work for you. For example, Jennifer values time efficiency. The most time-efficient way to generate leads is cold calling. Ergo, Jennifer likes cold calling.
  • In this market, you can’t wait for things to come on the market. So Jennifer uses tactics like circle prospecting and door-knocking to find houses before they’re listed.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Realtors Today:

  • Math is many realtors’ biggest weakness. But when you deal with a client’s largest asset (AKA their home), they need and deserve an agent with math skills
  • The biggest asset? Ability to communicate what’s happening in the marketplace for their community. To know that, you need to ask questions.
  • Use platforms that give good results. Jennifer recommends the lead generation platform Vulcan7. For Jennifer’s coupon code for this platform, visit

If you want to contact Jennifer, give her a call or text at (513) 400-1691 and tune in to her podcast, The Real Estate Fight Club.

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