Almost 85% of real estate agents in the business only last two years. So how can you kill it right out of the gate? In today’s episode, Jimmy provides ten action steps for new real estate agents to ensure they start on the right foot for their business and generate the results they want.

Build your database:

  • Your database is a list of everyone you’ve done business with or had contact with, from your old coworkers to the fellow parents of your son’s little league team. If you can provide value to them, they should be in your database.
  • Tune into this previous episode to learn more about growing your database.

Private message people:

  • More specifically, private message anyone you’ve bought or purchased from. The Law of Reciprocity should help you find success.
  • Jimmy got this idea from Molly Slagle; check out her podcast episode for more fantastic ideas.

Document your journey:

  • Social media makes documenting easier, and people want to know what’s going on in your life. Show your process of growing your business or finding new listings – it’ll keep you top of mind without getting in someone’s face.

Market to feeder markets:

  • Many areas have feeder markets, places where people move from more frequently than others.
  • Contact the top agents in that feeder market, build relationships with those agents and offer to pay referral fees.
  • Visit Heidi Harris’ podcast episode to learn more about capitalizing on feeder markets.

Join a networking group:

  • Check your local Chamber of Commerce for a BNI or other group for networking professionals.  If there isn’t, create one yourself!
  • Find all the people you would typically deal with with a typical buyer or seller and give referrals for each other.

Attend conferences:

  • Tiffany Curry gave him this idea because she would go to events for different realtor events and introduce herself to everyone she met. 
  • You’ll learn a ton of new information at the conference and develop a growing network of agents.

Host open houses:

  • If you don’t have any listings, go to an agent in your office and ask to hold an open house for them.
  • Real estate is a contact business – you need to be in contact with people. And open houses are the best way to do that.
  • Want to know how to throw a perfect open house? Check out Jimmy’s previous episode.

Choose a farm area:

  • Choose an area that you’ll become the neighborhood expert. Learn everything about all the sales in that neighborhood. This could involve calling, circle prospecting, and even introducing yourself door-to-door. 
  • To learn how to become an expert in your neighborhood, check out this previous episode on effective circle prospecting.

Call expired listings and for sale by owners:

  • You, with expired listings, have people who want to sell but just don’t have the right agent.
  • With houses for sale by owners, you have people who are looking to avoid the hassle. Reach out and offer your services! You’ll be surprised by the success.

Have conversations:

  • The industry average is that it takes 50 real estate-related conversations to generate one sale. So determine your goal number, and base your conversations per day around reaching that goal.
  • The final takeaway? Take advantage of your opportunities and get creative to develop a foundation to grow for years to come.

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