A key platform all real estate agents should use is Google My Business. As the number one search platform in the world, Google created this free platform for potential clients and customers to learn more about a business they might want or need. And today’s guest Heidi Harris shares her tricks to create a practical profile that generates business. This episode is a continuation of their discussion of Instagram, which you can find here.

The Google My Business Basics 

  • Navigate to Business.google.com (or just google Google My Business) and create a free account.
  • To set up your page to be best optimized for Google, navigate to the “Info” tab on the left-hand menu and fill out your basic business information.
  • Google likes businesses with unique addresses, so consider using your home address if multiple companies have a particular address. (But make sure you don’t go against any MLS rules.)
  • When people search “realtors near me” or similar location-based searches, Google will use that and the “services area” sections to filter the closest people with the search results.
  • For your hours, put whatever you’re comfortable with! Heidi’s business is open 24/7 so that people always feel comfortable calling or emailing her. 
  • Put all of your contact information in the appropriate fields so that people know how to contact you.
  • When writing your company info, integrate keywords your audience searches for to launch to the top of a search result.

The best way to attract business: Google Reviews and images.

  • Of course, getting reviews is important, but responding to them is even more important! Responding is an important place to integrate keywords in addition to your intro.
  • To get reviews, Heidi’s transaction coordinator sends thank-you emails with links to Google, Facebook, and Zillow accounts so that people can easily navigate to the review platform.
  • Google wants you to have at least 100 pictures and some video footage on the account – it shows Google that you’re serious about your page
  • Need ideas? Tell stories with video, pictures of houses, or post pictures of other reviews from other platforms to have a content database.
  • Google My Business also has an easy way to share your business profile with your sphere of influence by providing an easy link to send out to people for an easy way to fill out a testimonial.

Why are testimonials important?

  • Heidi keeps her testimonials on a google doc to bring to listing appointments.
  • Depending on the client, she’ll leave the document with a bottle of champagne and a hand-written note because the extra effort impacts the seller.
  • Jimmy’s tip? If you know what is important to the potential client, list the reviews catered most toward them as the first few – they’ll probably only read a few anyways.
  • Negative reviews are inevitable. And with Google, you cannot remove them. But instead of being upset about it, Heidi turned her one negative review into a marketing opportunity.
  • She also responded to the review and showed potential customers that she is professional. 

Heidi wants people to google her business and see the amount of positive feedback she has especially compared to other companies. For any business owner, consider Google My Business as a resume. Crafting one that best shows the strengths of your business will lead to the most success. 

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