Working with a team yields dramatically better results when the team has a workplace culture supporting it. Not only will workers be happier and more productive, but you’ll see increasing rates of return when the workplace culture makes people excited and happy to go into the office. But how can you develop this culture? Tune in to today’s episode to learn how to build a real estate business culture of growth through the five C’s.


  • Do you have an agent that your coworkers just don’t seem to get along with? 
  • Even if that agent is the top performer, your entire team will suffer if they create an atmosphere nobody wants to work in. Removing the negative influences will work wonders for your team, and you’ll find everyone will be happier.


  • Jimmy’s team sends out a constant stream of communication so that his agents regularly feel appreciated. 
  • These could be thank-you notes, congratulations on significant life events, and even shout-outs after a successful closing. It’s not just professional; it’s building a professional relationship.


  • Teams share ideas. Jimmy visits other agents from other markets to constantly gather new ideas and then shares those with his team, so everyone is up-to-date on different tactics and strategies to be more successful.
  • Jimm’s team also creates groups to share ideas and facilitate conversations geared towards reciprocating success.


  • Every Friday, Jimmy lists out the opportunities and events over the next week people can participate in. 
  • On that call, Jimmy makes it a point to call out and recognize people who’ve been successful over the past week.
  • People appreciate being recognized and celebrated, so providing an opportunity for anyone to access works wonders for community culture.


  • Don’t just be a brokerage, be a team and a family
  • Sponsor events your organization believes in and find ways to work together in your community beyond real estate.
  • When you focus on your community, your business can’t help but grow.

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