Are you looking for new avenues to generate listings? Especially in the current market, finding listings before they even hit the market is a great way to generate immediate leads and plant seeds for listings down the road. 

  1. Probate Listings:
  • When someone passes away, the estate goes through a probate process through the court system to liquidate the assets. 
  • When an executor is named, they can sell or liquidate the property. (And it’s all public records.)
  • Once you find those people, reach out to them and add value. An executor might need a list of people who can help with their estate sale. Offer to give them a no-obligation evaluation, so you know how much the house is worth.
  1. Expired Listings (6-24 Months) 
  • Call, check in and see what the owner’s plans are for their home.
  • You might find listings people forgot about. It’s a great off-market opportunity.
  1. Rentals with Leases Almost up
  • The majority of leases in America are one year long. With rent and the values of properties increasing, this is the perfect time to reach out to them.
  • Call these owners, tell them how much more their value has gone up, and see if they’re interested in selling.
  1. Homes being renovated
  • Folks are either upgrading their home or preparing it for the market.
  1. Open houses
  • People are anxious to see their own home’s value. So, invite the local neighbors to come to a half-hour before the actual open house to make connections and see if anyone else is interested in selling their own home. 
  1. Lis Pendens Properties
  • These are formal, official filings that someone is bringing a lawsuit against property (like a foreclosure.)
  • When these are first filed, this is an opportunity. Call them and tell them about a recent sale in the area and see if they’re interested in selling. 
  • You don’t want to explain their own problem to them, but simply try to offer value.
  1. Divorces
  • In reality, most divorces in America lead to a property on the market within six months.
  • These people need an updated evaluation, whether they want to sell or not.
  • These situations might be a bit more complicated, but they are a great off-market opportunity.
  1. Utilizing existing buyers who have missed out
  • Take your buyers who missed an opportunity, and contact the neighbors around the house they wanted.
  • Ask those neighbors if there is a potential of them selling.
  1. Develop relationships with rental managers
  • Long-term rentals managers might not want to sell, but they know investors.
  • Those investors are constantly moving and constantly looking to buy and sell properties.
  1. Yard Sales
  • Many times people are selling things so they can move and get their home on the market.
  • Stop by, introduce yourself, and ask them if they’re interested in their selling options.
  1. Networking with investors
  • Find an investing group! Many investing groups dedicate time for house flipping and other real estate discussions. Those conversations can help you find leads, especially opportunities that never make it to market. 
  • These deals never make it to the market, so this is a great place to start to find new listings.

The takeaway? You can find new listings with new methods. If a particular method works well for you, stick with it! But it can’t hurt to try and add some new strategies to the mix.

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