We’re in a business with constant distractions and projects that don’t help the bottom line or move the needle. Or, if you’re constantly putting out fires, your actual opportunities will suffer. In today’s episode, Jimmy explains seven things top producers do to control their business and set themselves up for success.

Top producers control their schedule.

  • They set time blocks and set aside time for their daily tasks like circle prospecting, interacting with clients, and anything else they need to do throughout the day.

Top producers control their focus.

  • The ones controlling their business are the ones controlling the listings.
  • Focus on listings, which is the side of the real estate business you can dictate. 

Top producers focus on their marketing.

  • They are aware of the messaging they are sending out.
  • They’re using video, create content schedules, and have checklists for their marketing efforts. That way, they’re proactive instead of reactive.

Top producers control their money.

  • Tax season is a dreaded time for realtors. However, intelligent agents have a separate account to put a portion of their checks specifically for taxes, so tax day doesn’t come as a shock.
  • They allocate a portion of their pay towards retirement and savings.

Top producers control their attitude.

  • There are some things you just can’t control. But you can control how you let those variables affect you and impact the rest of your work.

Top producers control their relationships.

  • The people you’re around will influence your life. 
  • Are you spending time with people who drag you down or people who feed you and motivate you to be better?

Top producers control their business growth.

  • They have a set plan on how and where they’re going to grow. They have statistics, plans, and measurements in place to know if they’re reaching the level they want to achieve.

The bottom line: we can’t control a lot of areas we wish we could. But the people who do the best in this business focus on the things they can control.

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