Kristyn Nelson’s growth strategies for realtors have helped her get in front of her customers, and make connections, and grab market share, even during a global pandemic.

Kristyn is an 8-year veteran of real estate who works with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Verani Realty in Southern New Hampshire, about 40 minutes North of Boston. She is the third generation within her family to work in investing, renting, building, and brokering real estate, and she loves every aspect of the business. 

Becoming a resource for the community

  • Kristyn began her real estate career when she was laid off from a remote marketing position. Her parents helped her launch into real estate, and she has since done 25 million dollars in volume and 60 units. 
  • She developed Tuesday Tip videos to grow her business, teach her customers, and provide information about real estate. Her Facebook Live engagements allow her to effectively connect with consumers without investing a large amount of time. (She uses her iphone with Videolicious.)
  • She gets content from realtor magazines and emails, but she also interviews other people, like the painter who’s working at her house. She’s creating content, she’s highlighting someone else’s business, and the guest will share it with his audiences as well. 
  • When you become a resource for the community you serve, people treat you as a friend instead of as a realtor. 

Advancing your real estate business

  • Videos can also help you filter out those people who aren’t a good fit for you by helping them to determine whether there’s a likability factor. 
  • Kristyn uses Bombbomb before her listing appointments to email her prospective clients so they can “see” her before the meeting and confirm the scheduled meeting. 
  • BHHS teams of 8-12 people are meeting to discuss the Four Disciplines of Execution and to build accountability for their goals and their accomplishments. 
  • Avoid the temptation to believe that now isn’t the time to advance your business. Use the opportunity to be in front of your clients as a person, and to make connections and communicate. 
  • People who lean into the opportunities that exist right now will take market share. Those who fail to pivot will potentially fall out of the industry.
  • Don’t pretend you know what’s going to happen to your clients. Reassure them that, for today, they are ok.

Setting personal goals

  • She starts every day with a list of 7 things that MUST be done today. She numbers them so that she does the hardest ones first. 
  • Kristyn’s family sets two goals per person each weekend to ensure that they are accomplishing important things and being accountable to each other. 

“Growth Strategies for Realtors” episode resources

Kristyn Nelson champions growth strategies for realtors. These efforts have made her a resource for her community and helped her stay in front of her customers.

Connect with Kristyn via her LinkedIn and Facebook accounts (Kristyn Nelson New Hampshire Real Estate Agent) if you’re looking for ideas about how you can engage with your clients. You can also call or text her at (603) 264-9808. 

Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as his YouTube channel.  

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