In response to the global pandemic, Mario Mitchell’s real estate team has changed its focus and learned how to better market real estate listings.

Mario is an 18-year real estate veteran in Charlotte, NC. He is the CEO and President of The Mitchell Team with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Carolinas Realty. In this episode, he shares powerful tips for thriving in the real estate market as well as life in general.

Adjusting real estate listings to the pandemic

  • The Mitchell Team recently shifted to print advertising to engage with people who aren’t moving around much during the pandemic
  • Mario’s team is focusing more on older leads using followup instead of focusing on newer leads. 
  • Each team has a “farm” and the team sends information to those farms, usually HoA’s, to let them know about special events like food trucks, which deliver pre-ordered meals to people who are staying home because of Covid-19. 
  • Direct mail has enjoyed a resurgence, but instead of focusing on transactions, the team is building community. During the pandemic, his team shares events that are available to the community according to existing pandemic guidelines. 

Providing value to customers

  • Mario’s team evaluates its “farms” frequently to ensure that they are pursuing the right farms: maybe 100-300 homes. The goal is to be able to walk the neighborhood and to choose a “farm” that is close to the agent’s personal home.
  • is a tool that can provide a financial report for homeowners to help build value for the customers and help them understand the value of their homes. 
  • Mario’s most valuable tool right now is Facebook, despite trying many other tools because it gives the best return in terms of leads and interactions.
  • Be personal in your posts and interactions because customers want to know you, even if they can’t meet you in person because of restrictions. 
  • Know your schedule. Figure it out, commit to it, and follow-through. If you build relationships, transactions will happen.

Connect with people

  • Mario, who was homeless when he was younger, works with Urban Ministry Center to collect shoes for homeless men and to give them a new shoe experience. 
  • “I’ll always be with people. I’ll never be alone because I grew up alone. I want to be surrounded by the right people.” – Mario Mitchell

“How to Better Market Real Estate Listings” episode resources

Mario Mitchell’s team has shifted its focus to building community in light of the pandemic, and they’ve learned how to better market real estate listings.

Connect with Mario Mitchell via his LinkedIn and Facebook, or you can call his cell phone at (704) 284-8057. Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as his YouTube channel.  

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