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In this episode, Jimmy Burgess talks about how to list more for sale by owner homes.

  • For sale by owner homes are one of the best sources for listing in the world for realtors but most people pass them by. 
  • There are so many different ways to find for sale by owner homes. One of the best ways is to go on sites like For Sale By Owner or Zillow
  • Zillow has a tab on its site with all the for sale by owners in your area depending on the zip code that you type in. 

Finding For Sale By Owner Homes

  • It’s easy to spot who the owners are because when sellers advertise their homes, they put their names and phone numbers on just about every website giving you ready-access to their information. 
  • You can also check out REDX. It’s a tool that scrubs out all the phone numbers to make sure who’s on the Do not call list and which numbers are out there that are for sale by owner.
  • Another way of finding for sale by owners is to reach out to the owners of the house by phone. You have three objectives when making the call
  1. To find out if the house is still for sale
  2. If it is still for sale, you want to get an appointment or an opportunity to get in front of them and build rapport. 
  3. Upon the first appointment, try your best to get all the pertinent information. It’s your time to add value to the sellers.
  • Before leaving the appointment, make sure to ask the buyers if they have plans on working with agents. The typical answer is no but you can still leave with them your contact information and tell them of the resources you’d like to share with them. 
  • Follow-up is an important part of the process. You will want to send out a handwritten note with a card inside. If you have their email address, you can use BombBomb to send them a video email and attach in the email a list of service providers to help them. Perhaps a list of appraisers’ names and contact numbers, a list of inspectors’ names and phone numbers, and others. 
  • Send them an email again four days after you’ve been to the house. It should be a value-adding mail such as some tips to help them sell their house faster. Make sure that they understand that you can be a resource person for them. 
  • The idea is to keep reaching out to them and keep adding value. Use every opportunity you have to show them how you do your job. 
  • Continue checking and be consistent with your follow-up. 

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