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With the number of real estate agents today, it’s becoming more and more challenging to impress buyers. In this episode, Jimmy talks about how to wow real estate buyers. 

  • There’s never a more critical time for agents to stand out from the crowd especially when it comes to buyers. 
  • The environment is now more competitive than ever. Leads today are being sold and people are captured as soon as they come online. 

Break through the noise

  • Do virtual walkthroughs and not only when people are asking for them. Do a video walkthrough as soon as a lead comes in and you get the idea of what property they would like. Send them the video and while it’s not going to be a perfect video, it would allow you to stand out a bit from the rest. 
  • Put them on a drip campaign and make sure that they get the right information. The more we can refine the search and find the properties they’re looking for, the more they’re likely to check your list. 
  • Provide an email that would give them all their information and contact details of the service providers they need. Give them information of the nearby restaurants, places they can bring their kids, schools, and others. Take this as an opportunity to take the relationship to a deeper level. 
  • Create a series of videos and emails that will help them walk through the process. Videos allow people to see who you are and get a feel of how you take care of your buyers. If you’re not comfortable with videos, you can give them a series of emails. 

With the noise and distractions going on out there, it’s your goal to break through and make them listen to you. 

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