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One of the most common questions that real estate people ask Jimmy is how to control their time and build an ideal daily schedule for real estate agents. In this episode, Jimmy talks about how you can control your schedule instead of your schedule controlling you. 

  • Do an audit of what’s the most effective use of your time. Take a look at your sales for the last 12 months and see where most of the folks are coming from. Make a diary of exactly where your transactions came from. That’s going to give you an idea of the most effective channels and routes to go through. 
  • The audit gives you an idea of the strategies that worked for you in the past. 
  • Make an hourly diary for your two-week schedule. Make an audit of what you were doing at certain times and check your efficiency. It acts as an outline of the things that you’re spending a lot of time on but not getting any results. 
  • Evaluate your schedule and if you find that your business comes more from transactions, then spend more time in transactions. If your business comes from referrals, then focus on those referrals. 
  • It’s critically important to set your day in a way that works best for you. 
  • It’s also good to fall into a type of routine. Make it a sign or a cue that prompts you to start moving and doing your tasks for the day. 
  • Time blocking. Use it to separate one task from another. Assign certain hours of the day for prospecting, for practicing your scripts, for administrative tasks, and others. Don’t proceed to the next task before your time scheduled for a specific job is done. 
  • Break your tasks into half-hour-long segments. Doing a task for three hours straight isn’t as productive as putting rest in between. 
  • Schedule your day and take control of the situations instead of just reacting to them. 

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