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Realtors always need to learn new things to excel, improve, and close more. In this episode, Molly Slagle talks about innovative marketing ideas for real estate. 

  • Molly is from Houston, Texas and she’s with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Worldwide Realtors. Just last year, she finished number two in the company. 
  • She used to be an educational diagnostician but she fell in love with real estate. 

Starting in sales

  • When Molly got her license, she realized that while getting a license is easy, getting clients isn’t. 
  • Molly was proactive. She sent messages to the people whom she supported throughout the years, including those who sold her leggings, shakes, workout programs, and other things. She sent them a message telling them how happy she is that she was able to support their small businesses through the years. She told them that she was out in the market and would be the girl to help when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 
  • Her business took her two glasses of wine and a little bit of gusto. 
  • That first attempt represented over $600,000 worth of real estate for Molly. 

Growing the business

  • Molly used social media platforms to improve her business. She used Facebook, where she built a good foothold. 
  • She became very intentional in her posts online. She also tried sharing things that she learned along the way, including her sales journey, on social media. 
  • She also started with memes and photos because videos weren’t a thing then. 
  • She shows a personal interest in her prospects. She sends out birthday cards, greetings cards, congratulation cards, and others. 
  • Molly built her network by making sure that she was building strong connections with people. She’d send them notes and letters. Her goal is to let them know that she’s always available. 
  • Her CRM started on a spreadsheet and she eventually made the switch to Follow Up Boss. 
  • She does a lot of outreach. On the first day of school, she buys gift cards that parents and teachers can use to get a cup of coffee. She shares it then asks them to put the hashtag #MollySoldIt to their post. 
  • She then puts the posts on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Molly does all different kinds of outreach and builds connections and stronger relationships because she wants her clients and prospects to feel that they’re loved and cared for. 
  • The people she gets from her events and outreach are then placed on various campaigns like holiday campaigns. 
  • For Molly, her business is all about the heart. She loves people and it shows in the way she treats prospects and clients. 

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