Improve your game with a low-cost real estate farming strategy. In today’s episode, Jimmy Burgess talks about a sure way to improve your real estate farming. 

What is digital farming?

  • Digital farming gives you the ability to leverage your time and avoid spending too much on other things. 
  • Once you build your email list, email marketing will cost you zero. The next time you’re sending mailers to the neighborhood, do it in an email format. 
  • Your goal is to use email marketing to add value to people, to homeowners in the neighborhood you farm. But you aren’t going to add value if you spam them. 
  • When you have the email list, send them regular updates on the neighborhood. 
  • You can give out varying information – it could be an updated valuation on their place, for the best time to sell, whether adding and renovating the home adds value to the home, and more. All these things will add value to you as an agent. It will make you a dominant agent in that farm area. 

Getting the email address

  • Email addresses are almost public information these days and you won’t have a difficult time getting them with a little digging. 
  • You can start in your own neighborhood. More often than not, your neighborhood has an owner’s list and as an owner, you can request a copy of that owner’s list. Many lists have the email addresses listed out. Build a database using tools such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, or others. 
  • Another option is It gives you the ability to hire someone who could get the list for you. 
  • You can also use Popstream. It’s a tool you can use to purchase email addresses.

What should the email look like?

  • Your email should add value. 
  • Your email needs to have a title, a subject line. It has to be personalized and localized. 
  • Put a video message. So, if you’re not comfortable with videos, then it’s now time to be comfortable in showing your face in videos. 
  • Use a play button. This play button redirects them to your video. You can use zoom or BombBomb to record your screen. 
  • Use the base portion of your email to reinforce what’s being said in the video.
  • After that, you can include the updates within the community or neighborhood. 
  • Once that’s written in the mail, you can then go to the active listings for sale. 
  • The last area will be where you can talk about some of the opportunities open for them. It’s a soft call-to-action. 
  • Provide the necessary information and become the expert in your neighborhood. 

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