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Learn how to get more value for your buyers and make your buyer’s offer stand out from the crowd in this episode with Brad Nix. 

Knowing Brad Nix

  • Brad Nix is with Path & Post Real Estate, an independent brokerage. They’re in North Atlanta and they were able to make about 325 transactions last year and made $100 million in volume. 
  • He’s been in real estate for 23 years. 

Tips to stand out from the crowd

  • They’ve found out from asking listing agents what matters most to them that it’s always one of the four things. 
  1. Time
  2. Money 
  3. Convenience 
  4. Certainty
  • Brad’s team now asks most of the sellers what matters most to them – is it time, money, convenience, or certainty? They then tailor their offer according to the sellers’ answers. 
  • If they said that they value money most then you may need to include an appraisal gap guarantee in your offer. It ensures that the money is going to come above the appraised value and the buyers can come out with more. 
  • If time matters more, then the offer involves the seller choosing the closing date, temporary occupancy, and more. You need to have a flexible clause in your offer. 
  • For convenience, let the buyer get the property as-is. No need for repairs and other things that would deter the schedule. 
  • For certainty, you need an all-cash buyer for most deals to close. They make sure that the pre-approval is completely approved prior to the offer. 
  • Brad’s team also does reverse contingencies. It’s when property owners want to sell their house but they don’t know if they can get another one first. The seller can sell the house but he/she has the right to terminate the contract if he/she can’t find another house to go by. 

Trying out new things

  • With the pandemic, it’s been difficult to connect with the buyers. 
  • One of the best ones they’ve tried is the pizza night drive-thru. People can just place an order online and drive-thru. They set up tents and the team just gave out the pizza orders. Aside from that, they also give out things to add value.
  • They also did a cereal drive where they brought a box of cereals and exchange it with beer or six-pack. They’d go and meet at the local brewery and hang out all day. They’re able to connect with the community and their previous clients in a public setting. It creates curiosity in the community and creates a network effect. 
  • It’s important to find a way to make a difference and it does not even have to be related to real estate. Just do things that would help the community. 

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