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Heidi Harris joins Jimmy Burgess in today’s episode as they talk about powerful strategies for building a real estate business. 

Heidi Harris is from Raleigh, North Carolina, and the owner-broker of Home Sweet Heidi Realty. Her company has a team of five and all of them are good friends who hang out and they’ve got a good team dynamic going on. They all have high-energy and they love their clients. She’s been in the business since 2012 and was a solo agent for half of that. 

Heidi’s beginning in real estate

  • It was her husband’s idea for her to get a real estate license. At first, it wasn’t an idea she was open to, but she eventually changed her mind and started entertaining the idea of what a realtor should be. 
  • Her sphere of influence supported her immediately and while she missed the people who were buying their first houses, she was able to get those who are looking out for second homes. 
  • She worked for a realtor company in Charlotte. She started in the month of January when the list of top-producers had just come out. 

Being a realtor and starting a business

  • There was a successful realtor in town that was next to Heidi’s office. She went into his office crying and asked how one can stay in this real estate business. She was putting in the energy but still, she didn’t have a commission check. He told her that what she was doing then was exactly what she should be doing. He told her to remember that moment, that pain, because that would help her keep pushing. Not everyone can be successful in real estate since not everyone has the backbone to persist against difficult times. 
  • Realtors need to be proactive and be out there. 
  • She started her Facebook page, then her Instagram page, and then she got into LinkedIn. What started out as a Facebook page for fun became a business. 
  • With social media, people think that they know you before they even meet you because they’ve already seen you or your social media profile. 
  • Social media also allows you to meet new people and realtors. It allows you to expand your circle. 
  • When it comes to real estate and basically any other career, it’s best to use your strength to further your success. 
  • Everything matters in real estate, from your clothes to the way you speak, down to the way you present yourself in front of the clients.
  • You don’t need high-end equipment before you start creating. You just need your phone. You need to practice it repeatedly to the point that you become comfortable in doing it.  
  • It is important to build value but you can only do that if you value yourself. When you do, it enables you to become an effective mentor for the members of your team. 

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