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Social media is a powerful platform that real estate agents must take advantage of. In this episode, Neal Schaffer shares some of the real estate social media strategies that work. 

Neal started his journey in writing books back in 2009 and after seven years, he has  published four books. 

Neal is a social media marketing author, speaker, and consultant who  teaches digital social media marketing to executives through the  US Rutgers Business School. He was in B2B sales, enterprise software, and mostly always in the technology area. He launched his career in Asia and his experience in working in the foreign market helped him understand the importance of networking and building relationships to develop leads and close deals. 

Neal is all about serving the community and his idea is to keep networking and keep making connections with people. He wants to share his ideas to help others while building his huge bank account of good karma. 

Social media strategies for real estate

  • Over the last few years, the topic of influencers and influencer marketing has been widely misunderstood. 
  • Neal’s fourth book was written to help businesses tap into leveraging influencers. 
  • When building influencers, we first take a look at social media. We need to take a step back and figure out who you are and what your branding is. 
  • Remember that catchphrase, your vibe attracts your tribe. It means that at the end of the day, you won’t be doing business with everybody to become successful. You need to do business with the people who share your values. 

The social for you 

  • There are several platforms that you can be on right now. The big three today are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 
  • You need to use different approaches for the three of them. 
  • LinkedIn is more for the sales aspect and more of a professional nature. Instagram and Facebook are more into the casual setting and more into the imagery that you create. 
  • The ratio of posting your content is a personal choice but you need to tweak your scheduling differently for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 
  • Sales agents make the mistake of promoting right away and posting very randomly. Posting randomly means attracting only the random people as well.  
  • Social media promotion is about publishing with purpose and mixing personal with business. 
  • The other side of personal branding is engaging with others. 
  • Today big brands work with their employees because they are more relatable. They get through the noise algorithm and thus, they get more engagement. 
  • It’s essential to determine what your personal brand is before you can figure out your content buckets. 
  • Be creative when creating your content buckets and your categories. Take advantage of automation tools for scheduling. 
  • People are so caught up with the numbers today but for Neal, the most important number is how many people you engage with on a regular basis. 

Building credibility

  • After your content and your engagement strategies,  your next goal is to build credibility. 
  • Social media is not a sprint. It’s a marathon so you should really be able to build over time and create a positive effect. 
  • Nextdoor is also a great way to connect with the community as well and see what’s going on, what the people want, and how you can help them. 
  • When going social, you don’t have to be everywhere all at the same time. Pick one platform and focus on building it. When you’ve created a good enough base, you can then start moving and developing another platform. 

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