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Success in real estate requires skills and determination, and in this episode, Chris Jones speaks about his real estate systems of success.

Chris Jones is from Tennessee but has lived and sold houses in St. George, Utah, for about 20 years now. He has a team of 12-14 individuals who typically average in the $300,000 price range. This year, however, they are probably closer to $400,000. 

Common mistakes agents make

  • The top mistakes that agents make: 

1. Not being organized through daily calendars and schedules. As a result, they don’t have a way to know what they need to do.  A successful agent’s calendar means that before the day ends, he/she already knows what they will be doing the next day. You should be able to write out your calendar for tomorrow in as much detail as you can. In this way, you start the day knowing where you are going and what you are going to do. Your calendar should also reflect a healthy balance between a good workday and a healthy life. 

2. They don’t know how to win because they don’t know the number of people they need to speak to in order to accomplish their goals.  

Creating your successful calendar

  • Break your day into two halves – the morning and afternoon should look like separate, complete days. 
  • Chris teaches appointment blocks where the agent sets a time to make calls to people. A good prospector should be able to talk to 10-12 people in an hour. 
  • For 2021, even more than closing the deals, Chris is encouraging his team to focus on the number of vacations they’re going to spend with their families. He wants to be involved in the team’s quality of life and ensure the support is firmly in place for them to accomplish their goals. 

Developing team coordination 

  • In order for the team to feel encouraged and pushed to do their best, it’s important to foster a healthy competitive spirit.
  • There must be great communication among team members. Chris accomplishes this by having weekly team meetings to discuss where everyone is with their lead count. They do role-playing, celebrate, and get a chance to talk. 
  • BoomTown is a great tool to help sales agents but it’s also equally important to realize that these algorithms and predictive analysis won’t help if you don’t have a proper communication system in place. 
  • A successful real estate system is about having consistent, constant action that adds new people every week. 
  • Make sure that you are in the right place, saying the right things, and using the right scripts. 
  • Use the right smart drips, and make sure every single lead is on alert. 

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