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Realtors can bring their business to the next level by using tech to streamline their time and effort. In this episode, Jimmy shares 11 real estate must-have tools for 2021. 

Tools you need for 2021

  • Slydial gives you the ability to send a personalized voicemail to multiple people at one time. 
  • CrystalKnows is an app that gives you a character profile of someone before you meet them. Their profile is tied to their LinkedIn account and with this information, you’re equipped to know how to approach a prospect based on the information provided.   
  • Forewarn provides protection to realtors by doing background checks and allows you to do a risk assessment before a face-to-face meeting.
  • Linq is now your digital business card. It can be scanned like a QR code and when you put it near someone’s phone, your information is immediately uploaded. It shows your website, email, and all the other information they need to connect with you. 
  • BoxBrownie is a virtual staging and image enhancement app. Take photos of the property, send to the app, and they’ll enhance your photos. They can also do digital staging when you have an empty room by furnishing the space and making it look good. They can make your photos for people online. 
  • TubeBuddy can be used with YouTube. The app gives you the ability to see how many searches have been done and tells you how many times a certain term has been searched. You then have an idea of what people are looking for so you know the kind of content to produce. TubeBuddy will also tell you the best tags to use so you can get organic reach and people can find you on YouTube. 
  • TurboScan is a great tool that allows you to scan documents wherever you are and send them to your clients. 
  • BombBomb allows you to record your screen and embed GIFs in your emails. When your email is opened it contains a GIF that shows you talking to them and it can be personalized. The click-through rates for these emails are high. 
  • SendOutCards allows you to type handwritten notes that can be printed out and sent. They can also modify the cards so photos can be added. 
  • Testimonial Tree allows you to collect authentic testimonials. It sends out request links to your previous clients and these reviews are automatically uploaded once you accept them.
  • Asteroom gives you the ability to take awesome photos to show to your clients and allows your prospects to get a virtual walk-through of a house. It’s a great option for all of your listings. 

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