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Craig Duran has grown his real estate business using a single strategy that generated 650+ transactions. Craig leads Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Duran Group in Panama City Beach, where he has been part of the music and beach scene since 1997. He started learning about real estate in 2003 and years later, hired a coach to help him realize that he was building a business. With his coach’s help, he was able to hone the skills needed to thrive in real estate.

The early days of farming

  • Craig’s assistant has helped him with the process. In the beginning, he didn’t realize what it would mean to have administrative help but it helped them grow the business. 
  • Craig doesn’t believe in hiring multiple agents who just want to work for him. He would rather focus on training a handful of people to be the best agents they can be.  
  • To be successful, an agent must understand how the lead generation process works. For best results, everything from capturing leads to conversion must be duplicatable.
  • Craig had some early success with farming. He picked a neighborhood based on proximity and wrote personalized letters, signing each one. In the early days, his entire family helped address the envelopes. He didn’t have a lot of faith in farming but it worked. 

Repeating the strategy to success

  • Craig is now repeating his process on a larger scale. The team is still using personalization but they’ve moved from writing letters to postcards, text messaging, and emails. They have also incorporated this method into their marketing and social media. 
  • People want to know what they own. Craig’s team aims to tailor its message specifically to the needs of its clients. While their approach to farming can be specific, they still employ the same design. 
  • Take the time to learn about the project including the statistics of the building, the neighborhood, and the community. 

Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as his YouTube channel. You can also email him at 

“Discover the Single Strategy that Generated 650+ Transactions” episode resources

Connect with Craig Duran via his email or give him a call/text at (850) 527-0221. 

Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as his YouTube channel. You can also email him at

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