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In today’s episode, Jimmy Burgess talks about the ultimate listing strategy to get $11.2M of listings in 6 months. Tune in, learn, and use the strategy to improve your sales game, too! 

Using video CMAs 

  • This approach comes down to the people you know who are owners, people who may have mentioned that they were going to sell, your past clients, and other people you plan on selling to. 
  • The video Comparative Market Analysis is a way to give your prospect an updated value range of their property
  • Before becoming a coach to help people grow their business, Jimmy was very active in sales and he created one unsolicited video CMA daily. He was able to create about 72 videos in the fourth quarter of 2018. 
  • Jimmy spent 30 minutes a day creating videos and that led him to listing more than $11 million worth of property where $9.1 million worth of the said properties were sold. 
  • Consistency is key to the success of this approach in sales. 
  • You need a group of homeowners to send your videos to. 
  • The first people you can send videos to are your past buyers. These are the people who you’ve worked with in the past and who already trust you. Sending them videos means that you’re staying in front of them and this increases the opportunity for you to list when they’re ready. 
  • The next people you can send videos to are those to whom you’ve talked in the past. You may have met someone in the farming community who you have met for evaluation before. 
  • You can also send videos to homeowners you’ve met at an open house as well. 
  • Your goal is to look for the people you can add value for because adding value over time will help you grow your business. 
  • Sales agents also need to know to look for the tools to use to create their videos. 
  • Jimmy uses the BombBomb app which is a great tool for email. It’s also effective for face-to-face interaction. 
  • Jimmy also suggests Loom and Zoom as options you can use to set up a meeting for just yourself and screen recording it to get that desired effect of seeing your face in the corner of the video screen. 

Creating your CMA videos

  • Put together a comparative market analysis when creating an appointment list. This allows the prospects to see the properties out there and what the market value of the properties are. 
  1. You want to put the CMA on your screen where you have access to it. It should be up there with one of the tabs. 
  2. Start recording your screen with Google Earth and punch the address into it. The Google Earth zooms in from space to the address. It makes the listing better. 
  3. You can click several options to show the location. 
  4. Tap on your CMA tab to show the range of values. 
  5. Use the subject line “Address Valuation Update” when sending the video CMAs.
  • The tool BombBomb notifies you when your mail and video has been opened and watched. You will know the people who watched the video, so those are the ones you need to circle back to. 
  • One tip is to give them a price range instead of putting in an exact amount. 
  •  Make sure that you find a group owner that you can add value to. 
  • Do things to keep their attention and stay on top of the prospects’ minds.

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