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In today’s episode, Jimmy shares the things top agents wish they had known when they started selling real estate.

What you should know

  • Mary Malone, San Marcos, California – Invest in your database early on, keep all of your leads in one central location, add your old and new clients, and invest in keeping true data in moving forward. 
  • Zach Sikes, Edmond, Oklahoma. – It’s okay to fail and to not know all you need to know. 
  • Chris Jones, St. George, Utah – It’s important to believe the process and learn the fundamentals. 
  • Jason Jacques, Brevard, North Carolina – Work your sphere of influence. With fewer deals in the beginning, it’s easier to set up a scalable plan. It’s equally important to stay focused to help you stay in your career. 
  • Mahala Landin, Raleigh, North Carolina – To help you achieve success, create consistency in everything you do. Trust your team, the processes, and the system. 
  • Guy Elazar, Tampa, Florida – Be in touch with your sphere of influence. Have a goal of growing your sphere. 
  • Todd Crockett, Cleveland, Ohio – Follow a mentor like Jimmy Burgess to help you with business strategy, networking, adding value, and more. 
  • Lisa Bilinski, Cleveland, Ohio – Ask the right questions and make sure that you are working with fool-proof buyers. When you’re saying Yes to one thing, you’re also saying No to something else. 
  • Cindy Fraze, Modesto, California – Find a good mentor who is happy to answer your questions, who can teach, and has your best interest at heart. Continually learn from someone. Don’t do it alone. 

Things Top Agents Wish They Had Known When They Started Selling Real Estate” episode resources

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