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Top producers provide energy and optimism that make people want to do better and be better. Jimmy Burgess has studied them to identify seven things they do on a daily basis that will help you in your business and in your personal life.

Daily habits

  • Choose a growth mentality. Top producers look for ways to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and relationally. Because they are focused on growth, they often see opportunities that other agents don’t recognize.
    • Tools like Google and YouTube give us the opportunity to learn anything we’re interested in. Listening to podcasts and books on Audible provides new concepts to help you grow.
  • Check the hot sheet. Top producers send properties to potential buyers because they are always playing offense instead of defense. They watch for properties to come on the market and then find the people that are looking for those properties. 
    • They send new properties, new listings, and price reductions.
  • Create and modify systems. Top producers constantly refine their business to make it better. 
    • If you are asked a question more than twice, create a system that will help you handle it more efficiently. This can include drip campaigns, texts, emails, checklists, or other systems that leverage time.
  • Send unsolicited CMAs. Top-producing agents look for new ways to add value to clients.
    • Send unsolicited CMA videos to people who have the opportunity to potentially sell within the next couple of years.
    • When Jimmy did this in Q4 of 2018, it generated $11 million worth of listings and $9 million worth of sales. 
  • Make outbound calls. If you’re waiting on business to come to you, you’re likely playing a losing game. 
    • Check on past clients to see whether they still love the houses they bought.
    • Contact existing clients to see whether anything has changed.
    • Outbound calls provide another way to play offense. 
  • Add to your database. Top producers constantly generate leads to ensure that they’re constantly growing. 
    • These agents either buy leads or generate leads through mailers, open houses, and other methods. 
    • They’re constantly adding people to their sales funnel by building relationships that help people know, like, and trust them. 
  • Use a to-do list. Top producers generate lists at the end of each day to help them know the important tasks for the next day. 
    • They begin each day taking care of the “big rocks” in their day so that by the time most people show up to the office, top-producers have already started to move the ball forward in their businesses. 

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