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Staying memorable with clients and referrals is one of the most important facets of your business, and it’s something that sets the tone for your professional relationships. So, here are ten different things to consider as a potential closing gift.

1. Make a donation

  • Don’t just donate to any charity; make it to one the client values and cherishes.
  • If someone is particularly passionate about a particular cause, donate in their name.

2. Make a personalized mug.

  • If you know the client has a family or other group, place, or hobby they’re passionate about, make a mug out of it at Mamigon.com.

3. Host a party for buyers or sellers

  • If someone is buying or selling a house, they’re likely moving away from friends or family. 
  • Throw a going-away party, whether that’s out of the client’s home or somewhere else.
  • The party is an opportunity to become not just a realtor, but a friend.

4. Make a personalized puzzle.

  • Check out websites like Shutterfly or puzzleyou to create puzzles from images. 
  • The perfect puzzle gift? Use a picture of the family in front of their new home!

5. Provide landscaper or house cleaner for a day

  • A cleaning service is a perfect solution to relieve stress and give the client some much-needed relaxation time.

6. Gift cards to your favorite restaurants

  • Jimmy’s pro tip: Send three or four different gift cards spread out over the first year.
  • Sending every three or four months helps you stay top of mind, and consistency fosters trust.

7. Closing cake

  • Every special occasion in someone’s life has a cake, whether that’s a birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding. So why not add real estate to that list?
  • Bring it to the closing, and make the closing an occasion the client will never forget.

8. Systemizing your follow-up

  • Platforms like SendOutCards allow you to set up, distribute, and organize customized card deliveries that are tailored with a handwritten note.

9. Tickets to local events

  • For buyers who are new to a community, consider providing tickets to significant events.
  • The client will have access to important events in the area and have a place to meet new people and make new friends.

10. Personalize it to your area

  • Whether you choose to give at the end of the sale, make sure it’s tailored to your area. Whether it’s to preserve the memories with a seller or to feel welcome to the community as a buyer, providing area-focused items or information will make a memorable impact on the client.

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