Communication is vital when it comes to real estate transactions. And, with videos being such a high-quality method to interact with clients, you can use video to maintain contact and demonstrate your communication style with clients throughout their transaction. Today’s episode features Jimmy’s seven video suggestions to demonstrate what you bring to the table when working with clients.

For Sellers: Getting their house sold

  • For people one, three, or even six months away from selling, explain what they should be doing to be prepared for the process.
  • This is a great video to demonstrate how you’ll communicate with clients while also providing value.

For Sellers: What’s next?

  • After a listing agreement is in place, clients have a lot of questions.
  • Create a video breaking down your process, explaining what they can expect and what they might need to do. 

For Sellers: Under contract

  • What happens once you’re under contract? Explain it in this video!
  • As the sellers, you have to make it available for appraisers and inspections, among many other criteria. 
  • Communicate what you will do, what they might need to do to be ready for the next steps. 

For Buyers: Just started looking

  • Create a video explaining the seven things they should do before finding their perfect home.
  • For example, explain financial elements a buyer should know.

For Buyers: Looking at homes

  • Explain your process for finding potential homes for your client.
  • Set a precedent for consistent and detailed communication. 
  • Help eliminate houses they don’t like to inspire confidence in you.

For Buyers: Under contract – what’s next?

  • Talk about the process of moving from contract to closing to understand the inspection period, the loan approval, and anything else that might happen.
  • Cover as many bases as possible so the client will have fewer questions about the transaction.

For Buyers and Sellers: Thank You!

  • For anyone you work with,  send a thank you video!
  • Mention that you’d love a review from them (including links to the webpage), and encourage them to send any referrals your way.

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