Sometimes all it takes is adding a few simple practices to your day to generate a successful growth strategy. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy provides a strategy to answer one simple question: what can we do to keep our clients top of mind? The answer? Make lists of influential people to your business and develop a touchpoint plan to send them essential information.

List #1 – The Next Ten Sellers:

  • Send an immediate email each time something happens that could affect their property value.
  • Aim to contact this list weekly to ensure there are no gaps in communication.
  • Let these sellers know trends from month to month (like inventory amount, time on the market, and major changes that might affect their evaluation.)
  • Provide an updated monthly CMA, which gives a great avenue of communication and maintains an expert agent appearance.

List #2 – The Next Ten Buyers:

  • Once you know what the buyer is looking for (and they’re pre-approved), create an automatic alert each time a home within their criteria hits the market. Include a CTA that encourages them to contact you.
  • If someone is interested in a property, the worst thing you can do is ignore them for a couple of weeks. Once per week, send these contacts a text message, phone call, or email; whatever reinforces your professionalism.
  • Inform them about updates on interest rates. Rates are variable, but on average, they’re rising. Let the buyer know how that interest might affect their purchase and create urgency.
  • If they have a price range, go on the market and compare the applicable inventory month-to-month.

List #3 – The Top Ten Fans:

  • Those people who give reviews, referrals and are essential advocates for your business? Yeah, it’s just as important to contact them. 
  • But don’t feel obligated to contact this group every week; instead, shoot for every other week or monthly.
  • Depending on this group’s size, rotate people in and out or create a top 20 list instead.
  • Use platforms like to send a highly detailed real estate report to each person on this list. 
  • Provide unexpected surprises to this group every quarter to thank them for their support.

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