Inspired by the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey, today’s episode focuses on the simple habits top real estate agents emphasize to prioritize daily growth.

1. Be proactive:

  • Ask yourself: What can I do to get ahead of the curve? Then, design your day to look like that.
  • Look at what existing top performers in your area are doing to maintain momentum. What do they do to stay sharp and maintain growth and momentum?

2. Begin with the end in mind:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Look at where you want to be one, three, and five years from now. When you start with the end in mind, you can plan your days to get you there.

3. Put first things first:

  • What is the most important habit you can do each day?
  • Set your schedule in a way that prioritizes the things most fundamental to success. For the majority of realtors, that means segmenting time to prospect.

4. Think win-win:

  • What can you do to add value to future, current, and past prospects?
  • If you can add meaningful value to their lives, they’ll want to reciprocate and do the same for you.
  • Realtors will all be better if we work together. What can you do to be a collaborative agent that makes people want to work with you?

5. Seek to understand.

  • Go into your meetings with an agenda, and that agenda should be to help your clients get where they want to go as quickly as possible.
  • Ask questions and figure out what they prioritize in their real estate transaction. Is it price? Speed? Understand what they want, and utilize it.

6. Synergize your relationships.

  • The route to being the best version of yourself is a path best walked with others.
  • Start with your team: who helps you on a daily basis? Who provides a skill or service that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish alone?
  • Consider having a list of people who can deliver top-notch service as a resource (like plumbers, electricians, and AC repairers) who the client will inevitably need. 

7. Sharpen your saw:

  • Continue to learn more about your business; what are you doing to learn and improve?
  • Listen to podcasts (like this fantastic show), read, and identify people in the business doing something unique that can better help you provide for your clients.

Implement these seven habits to ensure consistent and effective growth in your professional career. Do you have any habits that help you be effective? Or do you have a video or content idea perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook and his YouTube channel.  If you like what you heard today, we’d love it if you’d share a rating or review and then subscribe to the podcast and tell others about it as well. You can find The Real Estate Sales Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and our website, The Real Estate Sales Podcast


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