Finding new listings is the key to kicking off the near year with a great start. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy gives his top 22 strategies to generate listings in 2022.

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  1. Call expired listings (6-24-month-old)

2. Seen unsolicited video CMAs

  • For more information on these, check out Jimmy’s previous podcast episodes.
  1. Utilize for past buyers
  • It sends a detailed monthly report that provides a full-asset breakdown.
  1. Make “just sold” phone calls (with Slybroadcast)
  • Allows you to record one voicemail, call a group of people, and automatically leave that voicemail with them after just one ring!

5. Post social media “needs” post

6. Check probate listings

  • Every time someone dies, they have to go through probate, and these listings are public information you can use to find someone who might want to sell the estate. 
  1. Farm your neighborhood
  • You already know the market in your neighborhood; why not share that information with those around you?
  1. Use predictive analytics (SmartZip)
  • There are several actions people that someone wants to sell – SmartZip aggregates that for you. 

9. Call “for rent by owner” listings

10. Circle prospect

  • If a home had multiple offers, surrounding homeowners might be interested in selling.

11. Farm 3-7-year-old tract builds

12. Hold open houses

13. Use BoldLeads

  • A website that creates and then sells leads typically results in a 2-3% return.
  • While there might be a low return, it provides a database of homeowners who might sell in the future.

14. Find divorce leads

15. Contact “out of town” homeowners

  • Folks who live in a different area, but own property, might be interested in selling.
  1. Contact “for sale by owner” listings
  • They want to sell but just haven’t found the right agent. Be that agent! Add value to their lives and provide support.
  1. Contact “out of town” lot owners
  • People might own properties in an area and not utilize them. These are great candidates to reach out to and see if they are interested in selling.

18. Build relationships with a builder

19. Join a leads group

20. Find expired listings

  • If you’ve added the most value to that person, you’ll be most likely to have the opportunity to relist it.
  1. Door knocking
  • It’s a tried-and-true tactic that can be used in so many ways
  1. Create a “Top 25 Clients” list
  • Build a list of your 25 contacts most likely to buy or sell, and make it a priority to call at least one contact each day.


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