The key to every successful realtor is a farm behind it. Most realtors sell through listings, and the easiest way to build your brand as a realtor is through geographic real estate farming. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy gives the seven farming fundamentals to help you see growth.

1. Choose the right farm area

  • Identify the neighborhoods or even condos with enough homes to ensure your time and effort are worth spending in that area.
  • Determine how many listings were bought and sold over the last 12 months. Is there a 10% rotation?
  • Look for an existing dominant agent that might make it challenging to establish growth in the area.

2. Develop a budget

  • Determine how much you’re willing and able to spend on marketing and other farming elements. Jimmy recommends spending about $2 per household per month. 
  • For example, if there are 100 people in the neighborhood, $2 times 100 homes is $200 per month total for general marketing.
  • Remember, more listings mean both more opportunity and more expenses.

3. Get information about sellers

  • The more information you have about sellers, the better.
  • Obtain their email address, telephone number, and physical address to communicate with them in multiple ways.
  • Check out this past episode featuring Mario Mitchell to learn more about his farming practices. 

4. Develop a communication calendar

  • It takes a minimum of 7-9 rounds of exposure before someone recognizes a brand. So, consistently communicating to your audience is paramount. 
  • Jimmy’s three-month mailer strategy: 
    • Month One Mailer: Active and pending sales of the month
    • Month Two: Highlight value in the community like neighborhood events
    • Month Three: Provide an overall view of the real estate market beyond that specific neighborhood.
  • Continue this cycle each quarter, and include a call to action in each mailer piece to encourage communication back to you.

5. Plan special events

  • This is the time to get personal with people and stand out from others.
  • At a minimum, consider holding an annual get-together provides an opportunity to see people and gain brand recognition.

6. Be seen in the neighborhood

  • If you’re farming an area, you should be present in the area. 
  • Whether that’s your morning run, walking your dog, or going to the grocery store, perform regular day-to-day activities in the community to gain recognition.

7. Stay consistent

  • The book Three Feet from Gold says most people stop right before reaching their goal.
  • Stay consistent and continually add value to the neighborhood to see lasting results.

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