Entering the year 2022 means it’s time for you to learn 22 real estate tech tools that will help any realtor find growth. 

  1. Homebot.ai provides a detailed real estate report to clients each month that boasts an impressive 70% open rate.
  2. BombBomb records video for email, giving you an interesting and personal touch.
  3. Forewarn gives you peace of mind by checking and verifying the people you meet.
  4. Tubebuddy maximizes YouTube performance by optimizing titles, keywords and identifying growth opportunities.
  5. Camscanner turns your phone into a portable scanner to send and deliver documents quickly.
  6. BoxBrownie is a top-notch editor to enhance photos specifically for real estate by adding sunsets, furniture, and even clear counters.
  7. RoomScan Pro scans rooms in a home and creates a detailed floor plan.
  8. MileIQ documents your driving mileage (a critical way to save money when tax season rolls around.)
  9. Testimonial Tree aids in the process of requesting testimonials and recommendations.
  10. Adobe Premiere Rush gives you the ability to edit video quickly from your phone.
  11. Adobe Premiere Pro is a desktop editing software that can really take video to the next level.
  12. Spacio captures email addresses for people who attended an event or open house.
  13. Canva is a multipurpose editing tool that anyone can use. It’s simple and efficient!
  14. Lightroom is a photo-editing tool that can help touch up and export photographs.
  15. Drones are an excellent investment to add a bit of depth and professionalism to your marketing efforts.
  16. ShowingTime streamlines the process of setting up showings for listings. It also generates reports to help understand how to improve.
  17. Hootsuite is a social media scheduler that helps build your brand.
  18. Audible is the audiobook platform that helps you find personal and professional growth.
  19. A ring light ensures your photos and videos are properly lighted and focused.
  20. With the increased number of virtual calls we make, a webcam makes a huge difference in your video feed.
  21. Similarly, a microphone will upgrade your audio in your virtual meetings and videos.
  22. Grammarly is a virtual writing editor that corrects grammatical errors, misspellings, and other writing errs.
  23. Bonus Tool: The iPhone! Everything you need to be successful is on there. (Especially when you add the apps and tools discussed on the show.)

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