Success comes from discipline and consistency. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy provides 22 different things you can do to develop good habits that will lead to business growth when done over time.

  1. Send a thank-you note to start your day with gratitude.
  2. A growing database means a growing business, so add people to your database.
  3. Set up an automated email property detail to a prospect to ensure they continually see homes they might like.
  4. Email someone a property off the hot sheet for a specifically targeted opportunity.
  5. Prepare and mail a CMA each day. A prospect will be more likely to trust someone who prepares this resource for them.
  6. Find new listings by sending unsolicited video CMAs to prospects in your database.
  7. Connect and add contacts on social media to connect more personally.
  8. Post “help me out” posts on social media to attract interested parties to homes.
  9. You’ll be more likely to gain referrals and testimonials when you check in on past clients
  10. Private message “Happy Birthday” to a prospect rather than post in their general feed to kick off a conversation.
  11. Add a photo to your Google My Business profile. (To learn how to set that up, listen to this previous episode.)
  12. Look at and preview homes on the market in your area.
  13. If someone pops into your mind, send a quick video to them.
  14. Practice and execute a phone script to improve your conversion rates.
  15. Call an aged expired listing.
  16. When a house sells, call the neighbors to offer the details of their home evaluation.
  17. Send mails to the neighbors of “just sold” homes. They might be interested in selling once they realize the increase in equity.
  18. Find 50 people near a recently sold home and leave voicemails to each of them (for only about $5.) Slybroadcast allows you to record one voicemail and drop it into prospects’ inboxes automatically. 
  19. Send a request for an online review to past clients by creating authority for your business.
  20. Call for sale by owners. They’re ready to sell but just haven’t found the right realtor yet.
  21. The best way to improve yourself is to consume at least 15 minutes of training each day.
  22. Shoot “FAQ” videos to answer buyers’ and sellers’ questions before them ask them. 

In reality, you won’t be able to do all of these things every day. But if you focus one on the few that best fit your business and location, you’ll be sure to find the success and business growth you deserve.

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