Good to Great” by Jim Collins identifies what successful people do to set themselves apart from the rest. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcat, Jimmy discusses these principles and explains how you can apply them to your own real estate business for the best results.  

Good is the enemy of great.

  • It’s easy to settle when things are good. 
  • If you’re at a place where you think your business is good, pushing through that mentality is the only way to be great. 
  • Learn a new skill or set a larger goal to continue to search for greatness.

First who, then what

  • When you try to serve everyone in every way possible, you lose sight of the ideal client.
  • Who is your ideal client? Whether it’s first-time, luxury, or any other type of buyer, understanding your clients allows you to develop a more comprehensive and actionable plan of action.

The Hedgehog Concept

  • In this concept, a fox tries to catch a hedgehog, trying multiple tactics to accomplish this. But each time, the hedgehog just protects itself and moves on.
  • When you’re good and trying to be great, you might be doing too many things. Instead, focus on one thing to develop a specific niche.

Develop a culture of discipline

  • Do you have time blocked off for prospecting and other critical elements of your business?
  • Creating time blocks will allow you to add discipline that leads to great results over time.

Built to last

  • Fleeting success is trivial, but longstanding success leads you to become great.
  • When you identify what you do well, further developing that skill consistently builds long-term success that allows you to become great.

Read Good to Great to really identify what else you can do to get to that next level in your real estate business. Do you have a video or content idea that is perfect for your business? Share it with Jimmy! Connect with Jimmy Burgess on LinkedIn and Facebook and his YouTube channel.  If you like what you heard today, we’d love it if you’d share a rating or review and then subscribe to the podcast and tell others about it as well. You can find The Real Estate Sales Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and our website, The Real Estate Sales Podcast.


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