Are you looking to revamp your real estate career, just starting out, or looking to move into a brand new market? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales podcast, Jimmy talks through the seven things he would do differently if he had to restart his career. 

1. Make a database

  • Identify the family, friends, and acquaintances in the new area you can use as a foundation to start creating a database.
  • This group will likely refer you to their own circle if the opportunity arises.

2. Preview houses

  • Until you see the properties in the area, it’s almost impossible to understand the market fully.
  • Previewing houses means you’ll be ready to buy or sell when the opportunity comes. 

3. Call your database

  • Now that you have a database foundation, call and check in with those people. 
  • This gives them the understanding that you’re here to provide value and solutions for them and people within their circle of influence.

4. Host an open house

  • If you don’t have any listings, ask another agent if you can host an open house for them.
  • An open house provides face-to-face interactions that help you add value to both buyers and other agents.
  • Make sure you send an email to the agent immediately after the open house explaining the number of attendees, the positives, the negatives, and other important details.

5. Circle prospect based on buyer needs

  • If a buyer has a specific requirement their current agent cannot find, ask the agent if you can make calls for them.
  • If they want to live in a specific neighborhood, call the people there and ask if they know anyone who might be interested in selling.

6. Document your journey on social media

  • One of the best ways for new realtors to gain exposure is social media.
  • Document what you learn about the market to both provide value and show the authenticity people want to see in their realtor.

7. Work harder than anyone else.

  • Ultimately, hard work pays off. If you add the most value to the marketplace, your business can’t help but grow.
  • If you’re looking for massive results, take massive action.

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