One listing doesn’t have to mean just one transaction. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares his seven tips to turn one single listing into multiple transactions over time. How can you multiply your results to see more success? Find out on today’s episode.

1. Professional photos and videos

  • Even if the home sells quickly, those assets will serve as your resume to obtain your following listing.
  • If a potential client sees the quality of work you produce, they’ll be on board for this and future listings.

2. Run ‘just listed’ campaigns.

  • Let all the neighbors know the home just went on the market.
  • Informing the neighbors helps you market the home in a way to find a buyer through nearby owners.
  • A neighbor might question the value of their own home, and you can be more than willing to help them figure it out.
  • Consider getting “just listed” cards for the neighborhood to remain top-of-mind after that deal closes.
  • If you don’t want to door knock, call phones or leave an automatic voicemail with a tool like Slybroadcast to touch people quickly. 

3. Host an open house.

  • Let all the people in the existing neighborhood see the house to speak specifically to nearby owners.
  • Depending on the number of expected people, consider bringing an assistant to ensure you collect the contact information of every who shows up.

4. Social media posts

  • Let people walk through the journey of listing with you. 
  • Showing behind-the-scenes content conveys authenticity, interests the viewer, and showcases the house. (It’s everything you need!)

5. Tell the story of the seller.

  • It’s not always about you! Sharing the experiences and history of the seller explains the strategy behind your process.
  • Make the seller the hero; your target audience will connect with that material and want to work with you for a similar result.

6. A ‘just sold’ campaign.

  • Like the ‘just listed’ campaign, talk to people in the neighborhood (by phone or in-person) to see if anyone is interested in their home’s value.

7. Maximize testimonials

  • Ask happy clients if they’d be willing to film a short video answering a few quick questions.
  • Use platforms like Testimonial Tree to automatically collect written testimonials you can share online.

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