The best way to learn is through stories. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, JImmy shares one story that has helped him in his real estate business: the story of the sower.

The sower started with a good seed.

  • Starting your process and strategy with a foundation for success makes your business successful.
  • Determine your “seed” and what factors will most efficiently lead to your success, and you can’t help but grow.

Realize that not all seeds will work out.

  • Your work might not always pan out the way you want it to.
  • Some seeds will fall by the wayside, get eaten by birds, or just not sprout the way you intended. 
  • Accept that that’s part of the business.

There will be times when the roots of your relationship aren’t deep enough.

  • There will be times the relationship is not strong enough to withstand another open house, another offer, or another contract.
  • Accept that no matter your intentions or dedication, that will occasionally happen, and they happen to everyone.

Some seeds will be choked out by the thorns.

  • In the real estate industry, thorns can be frustration, negative feelings, and difficulty in the market.
  • When these issues arise, keep moving forward.

Some seeds fall on fertile ground.

  • If you keep sowing, you’ll eventually find the fertile soil that leads to success and growth.
  • Once you find the fertile ground, you know what and where to strategize that shows the growth you want and deserve.

Continued and consistent effort will be what leads to your business growth. Overcome the various obstacles and issues that arise, because you’ll eventually find your fertile soil.
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