Your business can only grow as big as your dreams. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy shares various ideas from the book The Magic of Thinking Big, which emphasizes the importance of big beliefs. What principles apply to your business? Find out on today’s episode.

Believe you can succeed, and you will.

  • Do you believe you can do the things you’ve indicated in your real estate goals?
  • If you’re looking for ideas to reach those goals, find local realtors or realtors online who’ve accomplished those goals and ask them for ideas or how they did it themselves.
  • Once you know you can do something, your actions lead to better results.

Cure your excusitis.

  • We live in a world where you can learn anything with a few clicks on the internet.
  • Don’t use a lack of resources or financing as an excuse to prevent you from reaching your goals. What are you letting hold you back?
  • The momentum builds when you shift your mentality and leads to more business.

Create an environment for thinking big:

  • Our inputs shape our thinking. Find books, courses, or people who grow your mind to grow your business.

Think right towards others.

  • Start every agent interaction off on the right foot. Setting the tone for a positive interaction makes you better to work with and encourages collaboration between you and other realtors to secure the best deal for your client.
  • The better your relationships with other people in the industry, the more room you have for growth.

Invest in your thinking.

  • Spend time reading books, training, and investing in opportunities to hear new ideas.
  • Investing doesn’t just mean monetarily; it can also mean your time. Don’t feel like you need monetary investments to grow.

Use small goals to set momentum.

  • We frequently get caught up in big goals that seem impossible to reach. Instead, break down those large goals into smaller targets you can achieve each day to stay motivated.

Think bigger.

  • Someone in real estate will have their best year in the business. Why not you? 

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