Approximately 91% of realtors never contact the client again after completing a deal. In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by real estate professional Heidi Harris to discuss how she keeps up that communication (and yields fantastic client retention as a result.)

What keeps her clients supporting the brand?

  • She does three “friends and family” events each year (note: it’s not called customer appreciation: The events are a Girl’s Night Out, Family Picture Day, and Pie Day for past clients.
  • These events keep her in contact with people in her database and target key groups to maintain positive relationships.

Girl’s Night:

  • This event invites women to come with two bottles of wine. One is to taste, and the other is given as a prize. The women taste the available wines, and whoever gets the most correct wins the bottles at the end.
  • The event is women-only specifically to target women (who are more likely to make a real estate decision.)
  • This past year, she had 150 women come with a guest, costing $14,600 and covered by sponsors.
  • It used to be a mail invitation, but now it’s by email invitation. Email works better, is cheaper, and serves as an excellent reminder for people.

Family Photo Event:

  • Paying an hourly rate for a photographer, Heidi sends out an invitation to schedule a block of time for their family to get their picture via SignUpGenius.
  • The event also has ice cream for kids, sponsored by local businesses.
  • Before the event, she emails her entire database outlining the event and how to schedule a time.

Pre-Thanksgiving Pie Day:

  • Exclusive to past clients, Heidi emails her database and offers a thirty-minute pickup window to get a free pie at her home.
  • She sets out signage leading to her cul-de-sac. Some people get out and chat; some people just pull through. This in-and-out event style is very successful, especially if COVID is a concern.
  • There are always people who can’t go that day, and she handles those instances on a client-by-client basis.

How does she approach sponsors?

  • The first sponsor was her mortgage lender, and he simply offered to sponsor an event.
  • When she took him up on that offer, she ensured he got over-the-top sponsorship. 
  • For new sponsors, she stresses that it isn’t a cash grab; it’s an opportunity to build a community.
  • There are always awkward conversations in the beginning, but the worst they can say is no!

Other Engagement Tactics:

  • Heidi sends postcards with the pie recipe after Thanksgiving and dresses up for Halloween. Her team has a Google sheet where they plan for the year ahead.
  • On social media, Heidi’s mentality is to add value and show her face each day.
  • She finds ways to introduce behind-the-scenes content that intrigues and interests people.
  • Heidi’s daily “Power Hour”: Makes sure she’s meeting new people or spending time in her sphere.

For more great information from Heidi (or to buy or sell a home), find her via the contact information below:

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