In today’s episode of The Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy discusses seven core strategies you can implement to build a thriving real estate business. Some are old, some are new, but all will help you create a lasting and impactful business.

1. Farming a neighborhood

  • Have a place where you’re consistently adding value to a specific community. 
  • To learn the ins and outs of farming, check out Jimmy’s prior podcast episode.

2. Circle prospecting

  • This tried-and-true tactic still works today (and especially in today’s market.)
  • Circle prospecting helps you discover new prospects in the neighborhood who might be prompted to sell.

3. Database growth and consistent communication

  • Your database should include everyone in your sphere of influence and people you meet through your other methods.
  • Add people on a daily basis to help ensure there’s a constant flow of prospects to provide value to.

4. A separate database for realtors in other markets

  • Build a database of realtors to provide value to in addition to your prospects. Not only does this help them, but it also makes you the top-of-mind realtor if they’re looking for a referral.
  • Consider following them on social media, sending a card, or any way that builds relationships with people like you.

5. Social Media Marketing

  • Whether on Facebook, Instagram, or Tik Tok, there are limitless ways to connect with your audience.
  • Social media marketing can be $0 and engages new and existing customers. What’s not to love about that?

6. CMA A Day

  • Homeowners always want to know the value of their property. So if you send an unsolicited message detailing that information, they’ll value the information you provide.
  • Jimmy prefers videos because they’re a unique and helpful strategy.

7. Develop an MVP group of people

  • Have a group of your favorite customers who continually send referrals your way.
  • Send them thank-you notes, a gift card, or anything that shows your appreciation and dedication to them, and they’ll return the gesture.

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