It’s no secret that video content is the best type of content to create. However, you can do more than just post videos on a YouTube page; you can create video advertisements as well! In today’s episode of the Real Estate Sales Podcast, Jimmy is joined by Andrew Undem from Sure Sales Group to explain how he uses YouTube preroll ads to gain 33,000 views for only $200.

A realtor needs to learn how to market their real estate business.

  • There are many ways to market a listing, and some are obvious, like adding it to the MLS, Zillow, and taking good pictures.
  • The next level is creating curated content with the homeowner, filming videos, and exposing that content to the world. 

The best way to expose audiences is through YouTube pre-roll ads. 

  • YouTube pre-roll ads don’t need a CTA; you just need to show your product.
  • Visit to see the videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube, and select one to promote. It will prepopulate the video and direct people to a designated landing page (like your website.)
  • When choosing your location, target the city the home is located to target people within the community who might be interested.
  • Keep the ‘interests’ broad because you’re hyper-targeting through location, and set your campaign cost to $10/day for ten days.
  • Once you can show the overwhelming value, the results speak for themselves. 

Get the property owner involved:

  • The timeline is essential – people want to know what will happen before it happens.
  • Let the owner know what they’re going to speak about (if anything) and what information and questions they should know before filming begins.
  • You can target both the public and the buyers’ agents, so capture a variety of content that could potentially appeal to multiple viewing audiences.

To see examples of pre-roll videos, visit or @undem on Instagram to see what’s working now and tap into new marketing strategies.
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